Friday, January 18, 2013


Loredana and I have been talking about a styled shoot for months, but with our busy schedules we never got further than talking. 
One day we finally set into action, we wanted to make a flower crown but we did not have any flowers, so we stopped by a Thrift store and got this nice bouquet of flowers for $3.99. While at the thrift store we took a peek at the dress isle, and guess what, that's right, we found Loredana's dress for $2.99 (on sale for half off) !!!
Excited we went home and while I got the camera ready Loredana made the crown. Next morning (at 7am on a Saturday, the only day some of us get to sleep in) I picked up Loredana and we set off  for our destination. We planned to go to two destinations, but the weather was sooooooo cold that we just stayed at one place. We've been at this location several times, but this time we walked a little off the trail and we found the most perfect pocket of light anybody could wish for. Overall, the crown, the dress, the model and the pocket of light along with my darling camera created magic :)

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