Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oksana and Eugene Fall Session. Sacramento Couples Photographer

 What a gorgeous couple to work with!  What I loved about Oksana and Eugene was that they were very relaxed and easy going during the session. I also love how the beautiful fall colors pop in the photos, and make the photos look so much more perfect :)


  1. I am amazed :) these are some great shot! :D

  2. where is this place at? and do you use reflectors for your pictures?

    1. Hi Olga. The first location is Jensen Botanical Garden in Carmichael (they do require a $50 fee per day to shoot there professionally). The second location is Phoenix Park in Fair Oaks. And yes, I do use a reflector.

  3. What f stop iso and shutter speed did you use? These are awesome and I’m still learning